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September - December

„Sibila“ by Carlos Lopes, Gonçalo Sério Limpo and Adriana Romero

Staged performance for 5 singers, historical organ and video projections

World premiere

25th October, 21:30 

@ Sé de Braga, Braga


31st October, 19:30 

@ Igreja da Misericórdia, Porto


5th November, 21:30

@ Igreja de Santo António dos Capuchos, Guimarães


7th November, 19:30

@ Igreja da Misericórdia, Porto

"Das Gesicht im Spiegel" by Jörg Widmann (Justine)

Austrian Premiere


Halle E, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna

12th September, 19:30

15th September, 19:30

17th September, 19:30

18th September, 19:30

Hungarian Premiere

Müpa, Budapest

15th October, 19:00

"Many many women" by Petr Kotik

Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, New York

29th September, 18:00

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