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Kronen Zeitung Steiermark

Michaela Reichart, 27.04.2023

"Really outstanding is the performance of the young singers - Johannes Wieners as Witold, but also Ana Caseiro, Ellen Rose Kelly, Valentino Blasina, Felix Heuser and Harald Hieronymus Hein handle all their parts with bravura."

Kleine Zeitung Steiermark

Walther Neumann, 27.04.2023

"Strasnoy has all the singer-actors sing without accompaniment: The a cappella course is an enormous challenge, which the six KUG students Ana Caseiro, Ellen Rose Kelly, Valentino Blasina, Harald Hieronymus Hein, Felix Heuser and Johannes Wieners (Witold) master with great bravura. For this reason alone, it is worth attending this vocal high and low rollercoaster on the Studiobühne of the Graz Opera."


by Oscar Strasnoy

Österreichische Erstaufführung 25.04.2023
Operette a cappella
Libretto von Galin Stoev und Oscar Strasnoy, nach Witold Gombrowicz
In deutscher Sprache

Inszenierung Lars Marcel Braun
Bühne & Kostüme Victor Labarthe d'Arnoux
Licht Daniel Weiss

Mutter | Zarin Alexandra Fedorowna | Hindenburg

Ana Caseiro
Rena | Tina

Ellen Kelly
Witold | General

Johannes Wieners
Jerzy | 1. Minister | Eulenburg

Valentino Blasina
Janusz | Rasputin | 2. Minister | Pless

Felix Heuser
Vater | Zar Nikolaus II. | Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Harald Hieronymus Hein

Das Gesicht im Spiegel

by Jörg Widmann

Österreichische Erstaufführung 12.09.2022

Hungarische Erstaufführung 15.10.2022

Libretto von Roland Schimmelpfennig

Künstlerische Leitung Walter Kobéra

Inszenierung Carlos Wagner

Bühne & Kostüm Christof Cremer

Klangregie Christina Bauer

Lichtdesign Norbert Chmel

Choreinstudierung Bernhard Jaretz


Roxane Choux


Ana Catarina Caseiro


Wolfgang Resch


Georg Klimbacher

N. (Tänzerin)

Eszter Petrány

Damen des Wiener Kammerchors

amadeus ensemble-wien

Neue Oper Wien - Koproduktion mit dem Liszt Fest International Cultural Festival, Gastspiel im Palace of Arts (müpa Budapest)

Vinda Sonata Miguna, 20.09.2022

"Ana Catarina Caseiro (Justine) enchants with the regularity and thickness of her tone. Her classical technique stands out in the phrasing and inflections (especially in the ascents to the upper register) while giving her character an air of mystery. But this haunting presence in no way omits the spontaneity that guarantees the dramatic weight of her character. Her controlled outbursts flow lyrically from her middle register to the imposing breakthroughs in the upper register, before descending to the most delicate moments of meditation. The brilliance and elegance of her voice consolidate her stage presence, which is adequate to embody a quasi-human, of a confused and indeterminable nature."
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Kata Kondor, 25.10.2022

"The most significant singing performance of the evening was given by Ana Catarina Caseiro, who portrayed Justine. The author wrote a very high voice for both female characters, but the Portuguese soprano sang it with a captivatingly beautiful timbre throughout. "
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