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"Geschichte" by O. Strasnoy in Kronen Zeitung Steiermark

Really outstanding is the performance of the young singers - Johannes Wieners as Witold, but also Ana Caseiro, Ellen Rose Kelly, Valentino Blasina, Felix Heuser and Harald Hieronymus Hein handle all their parts with bravura.

"5. Magd" in Elektra

Casa da Música, PT

On the 4th of March '23 Ana Caseiro has her debut with Orquestra Sinfonica Casa da Música and the Swiss conductor Stefan Blunier in Porto, performing the concert version of "Elektra" by Richard Strauss in the role of "5. Magd". 

"Many Many Women"

NY, Roulette Intermedia

On the 29th of September '22 Ana Caseiro has her debut in New York, Roulette Intermedia, with the S.E.M. Ensemble performing the staged version of "Many Many Women" by Petr Kotik. 

"Das Gesicht im Spiegel"

by Jörg Widmann

Neue Oper Wien

In September 2022 takes place the Austrian Premiere of the J. Widmann's opera "Das Gesicht im Spiegel" in a Neue Oper Wien production. The same production will also perform the Hungarian Premiere in Müpa in Budapest in October 2022.


Season 2022/2023

This season Ana Caseiro will perform the role of Justine in "Das Gesicht im Spiegel" by J. Widmann in a Neue Oper Wien production (September 12, 15, 17 and 18); and the role of Mother (Mutter) in "Geschichte" by O. Strasnoy in a co-production between Oper Graz and KUG (April 25, 26, May 2 and 3).

New Opera Days Ostrava 

"Many Many Women" & "Prometeo"

Ana Caseiro is performing on the 27th and 30th of June in the contemporary opera Festival NODO in Ostrava (Czechia) the World Premiere of the staged version of the extended duration work "Many Many Women" by Petr Kotik as well as the Czech Premiere of the Tragedia dell'ascolto "Prometeo" by Luigi Nono.

Oper Graz

Oper der Zukunft

In May 2022, Ana Caseiro is premiering two operas by J. Gomez Alemany and S. Samanli at the Oper Graz. The performance is a product of the co-production of KUG and the Opera of Graz.
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